Thursday, 7 June 2012

5th Anniversary

Major 4th SINGLE

2012.07.04 on sale

2012 is the 5th year since Versailles was formed.
The time is coming to release ROSE as their key word.
It will be the first time to use the word on song titles.

Versailles is about to open the door for new era for the world.

 ROSE -5th Anniversary Box-』 (CD+DVD)WPZL-30392/3
Only6666limited editionwith serial number)/Price5,555Yentax in)

1.       ROSE
Lyric : KAMIJO / Music : HIZAKI / Arrange : Versailles

2. –ayakashi
Lyric : KAMIJO / Music : MASASHI / Arrange : Versailles
3. Love will be born again [Japanese Version]
Lyric : KAMIJO / Music : KAMIJO / Arrange : Versailles

Lyric : KAMIJO / Music : TERU  / Arrange : Versailles

History of Descendant of the Rose
LIVE from  World Tour 2012 -Holy Grail- Grand Final Chateau de Versailles 2012.2.12
MASQUERADE / Judicial Noir / Thanatos / DRY ICE SCREAM!! [Remove Silence] / Flowery / Vampire / Remember Forever

ROSE(CD)WPCL-11123)/Price:1,200yentax in)

2. –ayakashi
3. Love will be born again [Japanese Version]

You can buy thesw at CDJapan

Here is the regular addition (costing just £8.89)
Or alternatively there is the 'Rose 5th Anniversary Box [w/ DVD, Limited Edition]' (costing £41.13)

YesAsia is selling them for £43.52 (limited) / £10.59 (regular) and JapanDiscoveries only have the lmited edition costing £44.71

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Versailles New Look

Versailles have updated their Official Home Page (Website) with their newest look!
They also have announced that their new single shall be named "Rose".

Monday, 16 April 2012

International Fan Project - Happy Birthday to Versailles!

As you all kow the 5th bithday/anniversary of Versailles ~Philharmonic Quintet~ is fast appraoching. (June!)

The Street Teams around the world have gathered to decide on a suitable project to celebrate a special occasion like this. We all wish for everyone to participate from everywhere. We hope to pull off a magnificient project! 
So the plan?

A giant mosiac made from pictures from as many Roses as possible!

Submissions have to be  Pictures ONLY

-  How many  pictures can I send ?? 
From 1 to 5 pictures by fan

-   What about resolution and dimension ?
 They  don’t matter but please JPEG ONLY

-  What kind of pictures can I send ?  
Versailles related pictures !

              - pictures done before/after concerts with friends
              - pictures done during Versailles meeting
              - cosplay pictures
              - your Versailles goods collection/
              - a music instrument you’re playing
              - a famous building or live house in your town
              - a special picture made for their 5th anniversary
              - the mask you created for the Holy Grail tour....

                                   /!\ DON’T submit /!\

               -  pictures of the band (it’s not the point !)
               -  pictures taken during concerts
               -  suggestives pictures of you
               -  weird macro from Tumblr
               - yaoi/ shonen ai photo of the band
               -  messages asking the band to come to your place
               -  anything not related to the band. 


Please note a few things :

   -  We need various types of pictures : dark and light pictures ; landscapes and faces ; interiors and exteriors
   -   Pictures will be cropped to have the same size so be sure that the main subject will be in the center rather than on the borders
/!\ Please add your name and country on each pic /!\

Send your pictures only BY MAIL

  -   to your Street Team if you want to be sure that the pictures you are submitting are ok.
  -    directly to the french Street Team mail account
(if you have troubles drop us a message either on FB or Twitter)

                                  /!\ Deadline : ===> 31 may 2012 <=== /!\

Since the printing and sending will cost money, if you wanna donate money for the project, please contact your ST or mail the french ST directly, thank you!




Thursday, 8 March 2012

Happy Birthday, Jasmine You

It is now the 8th of March in the UK, therefore as this day passes (and has passed) around the world, we all wish Jasmine You a very Happy Birthday ♥ We all miss him and will forever keep him close to our hearts ♥

Hizaki just tweeted: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jasm...
ine You!!How`re you doing?I`ll never forget your smile..."

As did Teru: "今日はYouさんの誕生日だね(>_<)「for You」一緒に聴こう!(Translation - Let's listen together today (> _ <) "for You" It's You's birthday!)"

Let's all take a moment to think of Jasmine, and look to Teru's composition for comfort ♥

Saturday, 3 March 2012

New Releases!

Versailles have announced that their next release shall be on released on April 25th! The tracks included are “Rhapsody of the Darkness” (music: Hizaki, lyrics: Kamijo) and “Illusion” (music & lyrics: Kamijo)~ ♥ 
Masashi updated his blog giving us some more information:
"The title song "Rhapsody of the Darkness", with its excellent use of a cembalo and pipe organ, is a neoclassically-arranged dark and speeding Gothic & Speed Metal tune!

The story of two people who are destined to be separated from one another is told.

Simultaneously released is "Illusion", a number that portrays scenery through dramatic development and arrangement, and its heartrending lyrics are impressive to say the least."

He also mentions that these will be online releases!
Thank you to and @KAMItranslation

You can see the original blog update here

Friday, 24 February 2012


Remember that Masashi and Teru's birthdays are soon approaching, so plelase take this time to create something in advanced!

We Support Masashi are hosting and organising the project for Masashi's birthday, it isn't too uch work, just get a cake, decoraqte it ith the requied words and pose for the camera~
Here is some more information; Masashi's Birthday Project 2012

As for Teru's project, this is being hosted by one of the Street Team Leader's from another team, you can get in contact here~

Thursday, 16 February 2012

R.I.P. Andrea ♥

We are afraid we have some very sad news. One of our very own Roses, Andrea, has lost her fight with cancer. Please keep her, and her family in your thoughts, and take a moment of silence in respect of her memory. Rest in Peace, Andrea.